• Kusamono pottery

    Kusamono pottery

  • Wood slabs

    Wood slabs

  • Bonsai pottery

    Bonsai pottery

Pottery and Bonsai

We manufacture and sell artisan ceramics, accent plants and bonsai.

Ceramics for shitakusa, kusamono and bonsai: all the pieces are unique, made entirely by hand and fired in a self-built wood kiln, which gives them a special finish.

They are pieces made of stoneware or refractory paste, with enamels made by us, and fired at about 1250 ºC, which makes them resistant outdoors.

The pots available in the store are grouped according to their utility and size, although all pots for kusamono can be used for very small bonsai, and small bonsai pots can be used for accent plants.

Tableware ceramics: We make all kinds of useful ceramics for the home and restaurants, especially pieces related to tea. They are also unique pieces cooked at a high temperature.

Kusamono and Bonsai: We make bonsai and related items like shitakusa and kusamono.